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The Spring Economic Development Toolbox Handouts

Read these notes first:

  • Print your session handouts or download them to a device before The Spring Toolbox. We recommend download rather than accessing the link via internet during sessions because multiple devices in one room sometimes slows internet speed.
  • Handouts will be added as they arrive, so you may have to check more than once before the conference.
  • A few will be added after the conference at the request of the speaker.
  • The Agenda and Attendee Roster are the only handouts that will be provided at The Spring Toolbox.
  • You are welcome to access handouts for sessions that you are not attending!
  • The handouts will be available on this page until June 7th. After that, registered attendees can contact the MEDA staff for copies.

Click the Session Names Below (In Order as on the Agenda) to Download the Handouts

General Handouts (Coming Soon!)

Speaker Contact Information
Membership Meeting Minutes 
New Member List

General Sessions (Discussion Only/No Handouts) 

Facing Michigan’s New Workforce and Talent Realities

Following the Startup Frenzy – Nurturing Entrepreneurs in Today’s Environment

Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges - Lesson's Learned

Breakout Sessions (Coming Soon!)                                                   

Supply Chain at Your Fingertips: Rebekah McCarter, CONNEX Michigan, Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC)

Empty Spot at the Top: Finding Executive Level Talent: Amy Cell, President and CEO, Amy Cell Talent 

It Started with an Idea: How the First Path Program Guides Budding Entrepreneurs: Petey Stephanak, Partner, Southwest Michigan First Kelsey McKague, Director, Southwest Michigan First                               

Taking an Entrepreneurial Approach to Managing EDO's Through EOS: Justin Horvath, CeCD, President and CEO, Brent Jones, Vice President, Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership 

Building the Path- Creative Student Talent Programs: John Chapman, Program Manager, Gilmore Garage Works, Fred Colgren, Director of Education, Gilmore Garage Works

Building the Path-Creative Student Talent Programs: Tom Watson, Founder, TNR Machine

Building the Path-Creative Student Talent Programs: Sara Whisler, Human Resource Manager, FlexFab

Growing the Innovation Hub:Tech and Place Based Entrepreneurship: Faris Alami, Founder and CEO, International Strategic Management, Inc. (ISM) - If you would like to view this powerpoint- please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Links to CDFI Websites- Michigan SBDC ( Courtesy of Panelist Ed Garner)

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