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Benefits of Certifying Your Business Park


The Michigan Certified Business Park (CBP) program is a State of Michigan program that is administered by the Michigan Economic Developers Association (MEDA). This designation is a valuable marketing tool used for dual purposes: attracting tenants and enforcing standards. Certification is a promise to your customers that your park is a modern and attractive, high quality business location with the components necessary for success.


***NEW IN 2018*** A Certified Business Park filter has been added to the State of Michigan/Michigan Economic Development Corporation's Real Estate Database, ZoomProspector. You can post your properties for free and mark them as Certified. MEDA will share this with our site selector and other contacts on a regular basis in the near future.

Upon certification, we will create a webpage in the CBP Website Directory for your park. This webpage is created to profile individual Certified Business Parks by containing general information, a list of tenants, information about the community and why it is a good place to do business, an expandable site plan, a picture, an expandable aerial photo, and more.

The CBP website utilizes a Google Map feature to increase search engine results.

Google Analytics
Sign up for Google Analytics to view your park’s page hits. This will help you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing efforts, and give you an idea of how much exposure your web page is getting.

Tips for Increasing Hits
MEDA has some tips available for increasing hits to your page. Incorporated are ideas for taking advantage of the Google Analytics account that we create for you.

CBP Newsletter
This newsletter is sent to 2,000 national and international site consultants and thousands of economic developers from around the state. The newsletter contains valuable marketing tips, enhancements to the program, business park news, and more. MEDA encourages you to share news with us that can be added to the newsletter to increase your visibility! Articles or press releases on expansion, retention, new businesses, receipt of awards, etc., can be sent to the MEDA staff at any time for inclusion.

CBP Marketing Flier
Having a printed flier with information about your park is still very important. This modifiable handout will help you put information that is important to decision-makers into a simple and attractive format.

Help A Fellow CBP Owner/Operator
CBP owners/operators can ask for advice that is sent directly to other owners/operators via email for direct response. Request can be direct or confidential.

Become a CBP Web Partner
Remember that sharing links increases your visibility! We will add a link to your company’s website on the MEDA website, if you add your CBP webpage through MEDA to your company's site.

Why Locate in a Certified Business Park Webpage
Ever have a potential tenant ask what certification means? Use this page for a simple explanation of what can be expected from your CBP!

Press Releases to Announce Certification/Recertification
This modifiable press release will assist a Certified Business Park in quickly and easily spreading the word that they have received certification or have been approved for recertification. Photo opportunities with MEDA staff or inspectors are available upon request.

Tax Increment Financing
A CBP located in a qualified local unit of government, as defined by the Local Development Financing Authority Act (PA248 of 2000), has the potential to capture property taxes to aide in the financing of the public infrastructure improvements in or around the park, and/or acquire additional property for park expansion, as well as other public improvements.

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