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The Certified Business Park (CBP) program provides additional visibility for high-quality business parks throughout the state in Michigan. Parks are inspected every three years to assure compliance and are provided several benefits.

Park developers throughout Michigan use the program's standards in the design of business parks and work toward achieving certification. Prospects will find that a Certified Business Park offers specific advantages that are not available in other parks.


Economic developers have long recognized the need for uniformity in the use of the term “business park.” The expression designates certain kinds of districts or subdivisions set-aside for sites to be occupied by groups of manufacturing and/or high tech industrial facilities.

To give prospective occupants a better idea of what they can expect to find in a business park, as well as assure them of high-quality characteristics and services, the Michigan Department of Commerce and the Michigan Industrial Developers Association, in 1969, adopted a set of standards for qualified developments to be known as “Certified Industrial Parks.”

Beginning with those established criteria, the Michigan Economic Developers Association (MEDA) and the state department now known as the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) updated the standards in 2001 and renewed the voluntary program for certifying business park

Potential for Tax Capture

Those Certified Business Parks located in a qualified local unit of government, as defined by the Local Development Financing Authority Act (PA248 of 2000), have the potential to capture property taxes to aid in the financing of the public infrastructure improvements in or around the park, and/or acquire additional property for park expansion, as well as other public improvements.

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