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The Leading Voice for Economic Developers in Michigan


MEDA has been the leading voice for economic developers in Michigan for over 57 years. Being a member of MEDA, you will benefit from:

  • Education – MEDA programs are consistently high quality and designed to meet the needs of our members.
  • Networking – An unmatched peer group comprised of some of the finest Economic Development practitioners in the nation.
  • Economics – You save over $200 annually by attending MEDA programs at the member rate.

Learn more about MEDA member privileges in our MEDA Member Service of the Month.

Activities, Programs and Services

MEDA members are provided programs and services throughout the year that enhance economic development education, networking and advocacy activities that are essential to their careers. Read more...

Membership Profile

MEDA membership mainly consists of professionals from the following areas of economic development:

  • Bankers
  • Chamber of Commerce Staff
  • City and Community Planners
  • City Managers
  • City, County and Township Officials
  • Economic Development Consultants
  • Environmental Specialists and Consultants
  • Local and Regional Economic Developers
  • Municipal Officials
  • State Agency Staff
  • University Staff involved in Economic Development
  • Utility Company Staff
  • Workforce Development Professionals
  • Others Interested in Economic Development

Membership Types and Fees

Active Member $280

Any person actively engaged in economic development as a primary (more than 50% of work time) responsibility or assignment within an organization, firm, corporation, or legal entity. Active members have all privileges of membership, including voting rights, eligibility to serve as Board, Committee and Task Force Members.

Associate Member $280

Any person who has an active interest in economic development. Associate members have all the privileges of membership except to serve as an Officer or Board Member of the Association.

Student Member $35

(Membership fees must be paid before membership is processed) Any person enrolled within a Michigan higher educational institution and not employed on a full time basis by a firm, corporation, organization, or other legal entity. Student members have all the privileges of membership except voting, holding office as a Board Member, or participating as a Committee or Task Force Chairman.

*Please note that MEDA Membership is individual, not organizational. Benefits apply only to individuals who have applied for membership.

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