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May is MEDA Membership Month

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May is always an exciting month for the Michigan Economic Developers Association (MEDA). It's our birthday on the 25th (We'll be 59 this year!), it's the month we launch our Annual Meeting each year, the month that we hold our Spring Economic Development Toolbox each year, and it also coincides with International Economic Development Week from our parters at the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).

This year, MEDA will take the opportunity to support International Economic Development Week while sharing the great work of Michigan's economic development community, and putting a face to the practice by profiling our members, throughout the entire month.

Please join us in support of economic development as a whole, and in support of Michigan's economic development community.

Visit this page or watch our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles for regular posts to share, from the resources below, that will spread the word about our great profession. If you have additional questions supporting the campaign, about MEDA, or about being a member of MEDA, contact Cassandra Jorae at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Why Economic Development

Economic developers are often tasked with answering the question of exactly what it is that they do. The answer is not always simple because they use a variety of methods to meet their goals.

MEDA, IEDC, and The Right Place, Inc., have information on the purpose and definitions of economic development.

Sample Posts:

  1. Q: Why is Economic Development Important? A: Attracting and growing businesses strengthens our economy providing locally-produced goods and services. Strong businesses pay taxes that go for vital services such as schools, roads, fire, and police. Businesses also provide good jobs that put money in people’s pockets and allow for a higher quality of life. FYI: View this and more commonly asked questions about economic development on MEDA's Why Economic Development webpage: https://www.medaweb.org/why-economic-development #EDW2019
  2. For existing businesses, economic developers help with tax abatements, infrastructure improvements, export assistance, and much more! #EDW2019 https://www.iedconline.org/clientuploads/Downloads/IEDC_How_Econ_Dev_Programs_Help.pdf

Michigan's Economic Developers

MEDA's members are a diverse group of individuals, located throughout the state of Michigan, that use various tools to stimulate economic growth while maximizing the best interests of the entire community. They come from educational and employment backgrounds as well as have plenty of ideas and strategies for creating opportunities in Michigan.

We are excited to introduce you to some great ones.

MEDA Members in the News

MEDA's members are in communities across Michigan making a difference each day.

We are pleased to share a collection of news articles hightlighting the work of MEDA's members in Michigan.

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