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Senate Standing Committees 2019-2020


Kevin Daley (C), Roger Victory (Maj. VC), Dan Lauwers, Jim Ananich (Min. VC), Dayna Polehanki 

Economic and Small Business Development

Ken Horn (C), Curt VanderWall (Maj. VC), Peter MacGregor, Lana Theis, Dan Lauwers, Wayne A. Schmidt, Mallory McMorrow (Min. VC), Erika Geiss, Jeremy Moss

Energy and Technology

Dan Lauwers (C), Ken Horn (Maj. VC), Kim LaSata, Aric Nesbitt, Jon Bumstead, Rick Outman, Sean McCann (Min. VC), Winnie Brinks, Mallory McMorrow

Environmental Quality 

Rick Outman (C), Kevin Daley (Maj. VC), Ruth Johnson, Curt VanderWall, Ed McBroom, Rosemary Bayer (Min. VC), Winnie Brinks

Local Government Committee

Dale Zorn (C), Ruth Johnson (Maj. VC), Kevin Daley, Betty Jean Alexander (Min. VC), Jeremy Moss

Transportation and Ingrastructure

Tom Barrett (C), Kim LaSata (Maj. VC), Ed McBroom, Roger Victory, Rick Outman, Dan Lauwers, Erika Geiss (Min. VC), Marshall Bullock, Adam Hollier 

House Standing Committees 2019-2020


Julie Alexander (C), Luke Meerman (Maj. VC), Beau LaFave, Gary Eisen, Mike Mueller, Pauline Wendzel, Brian Elder (Min. VC), Kevin Coleman, Alex Garza, Cynthia A. Johnson, Angela Witwer

Commerce and Tourism

Steve Marino (C), Pauline Wendzel (Maj. VC), John Reilly, Luke Meerman, Andrea Schroeder, Rodney Wakeman, Sara Cambensy (Min. VC), Darrin Camilleri, Kara Hope, Mari Manoogian, Isaac Robinson


Joseph Bellino (C), Pauline Wendzel (Maj. VC), Julie Alexander, Ben Frederick, James Lower, Graham Filler, Gregory Markkanen, Mike Mueller, Jack O'Malley, Andrea Schroeder, Donna Lasinski (Min. VC), Tim Sneller, Tyrone Carter, Jim Haadsma, Padma Kuppa, Mari Manoogian, Nate Shannon

Local Government and Municipal Finance

James Lower (C), Steve Marino (Maj. VC), Kathy Crawford, Julie Calley, Gary Howell, Gary Eisen, Luke Meerman, Brad Paquette, Jim Ellison (Min. VC), William Sowerby, Alex Garza, Kara Hope, Padma Kuppa

Tax Policy

Lynn Afendoulis (C), James Lower (Maj. VC), Hank Vaupel, Michael Webber, Diana Farrington, Steven Johnson, Matt Hall, Jack O'Malley, Andrea Schroeder, Tenisha Yancey (Min. VC), Robert Wittenberg, Jim Ellison, Donna Lasinski, Isaac Robinson, Karen Whitsett 


Jack O'Malley (C), Gary Eisen (Maj. VC), Triston Cole, Jason Sheppard, Julie Alexander, Joseph Bellino, Gary Howell, Lynn Afendoulis, Tim Sneller (Min. VC), Cara Clemente, Tenisha Yancey, Jim Haadsma, Nate Shannon

Ways and Means

Brandt Iden (C), Jim Lilly (Maj. VC), Eric Leutheuser, Beth Griffin, Roger Hauck, Bronna Kahle, Jason Wentworth, Rebekah Warren (Min. VC), Wendell Byrd, Sheldon Neeley, Kevin Hertel


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