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MEDA Awards

MEDA Medalist of the Year Award

For Outstanding Contributions to Economic Development in Michigan
The Medalist Award identifies outstanding contributions to economic development within Michigan. Recipients of this award have demonstrated commitment to the profession of economic development, dedication to the growth of his or her community of responsibility, and have shown a record of achievement for an extended period of time.

The Medalist Award is not limited to MEDA members.

Emerging Star Award

For Outstanding Early-Career Contributions to Economic Development in Michigan
The Emerging Star Award identifies outstanding contributions to economic development in Michigan within their first ten years of experience. Recipients of this award have demonstrated the ability to show leadership skills both inside and outside of MEDA while also volunteering within their own community.

The Emerging Star Award is limited to MEDA members.

Mike Conboy Professional Development Award

For Outstanding Contributions to MEDA
This award is given to MEDA members who have made substantial, long-term contributions/commitment to MEDA, specifically focusing on the advancement of the economic development profession through support of education/training and/or by expanding the knowledge base of economic developers.

Robert Sieghart Award

For Enthusiasm for the Economic Development Profession
This award was introduced in 2015. Robert Sieghart, who passed away that year, was a retired Executive in the Economic Development Team for Consumers Energy for many years. He started his career as an engineer at Consumers and rose through the organization to become the Senior Marketing Engineer on their Economic Development Team. He also served as the President of the Village of Brooklyn for 14 years and served on their Planning Commission for 24 years. He was an active MEDA Member. He served on the MEDA Board for several years, and in 1987 served as the President of MEDA.

Bob was enthusiastic about much in life, including golf, his family, the Village of Brooklyn, and his beloved Fighting Illini at his alma mater, the University of Illinois. No one could wear an orange Fighting Illini blazer like Bob! With this award, we remember Bob for his enthusiasm for economic development. He made sure that every MEDA meeting was full of networking and fun. He made sure that new members of the organization were greeted and introduced to as many people as possible, and immediately put on a committee so that they could feel a part of the organization. He was very interested in building up a farm team of MEDA members, and if you look at the Presidents and Board Members of MEDA that followed Bob, they were all people that he encouraged to get more involved in economic development as a career, and MEDA as the group that would embrace professionals and gives them the support and tools that they needed. Bob was also concerned about the future of economic development as a profession, and MEDA as the voice, and worked on several strategic planning and by-law committees through the years so that the organization was structured to best prepare its members for the challenges and opportunities that lay before them.

The recipient of this award is someone who loves the profession of economic development, but may not necessarily be a full-time economic developer. This recipient is someone who understands the importance of economic development to all communities in this state, as well as at the state level. This person will be interested in bringing more converts into the economic development fold, whether private sector partners, local community officials, or college students that are considering career options. This recipient will love the thought that more jobs and investment in a community will benefit the entire state, that the rising tide lifts all ships. This person understands that the definition of economic development will be different in every community and organization, but the principles of helping the business community stay and grow will strengthen the future of our great state. Finally, this award recipient will have embraced MEDA as the organization that is the voice of this profession in Michigan.

Nominate an Outstanding Economic Developer for Awards

Nominations forms will be available in 2022.

MEDA Medalist of the Year Nomination Form
Emerging Star Award Nomination Form
Mike Conboy Professional Development Award Nomination Form
Robert Sieghart Award for Enthusiasm for the Economic Development Profession

Returning the Forms

  • Award nominations can be submitted at any time, but to be considered for the 2022 Annual Meeting, the form must be submitted to MEDA by (Date TBD).
  • Mail to MEDA at P.O. Box 15096, Lansing, MI 48901-5096  
  • Scan and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • TIP: If you need more space, you may answer all of the questions on a Word document and submit that with a signed nomination form.

Past Winners

MEDA Medalist of the Year
Mike Conboy Professional
Development Award
Robert Sieghart Award
  • 2021 - Maureen Krauss
  • 2020 - James McBryde
  • 2019 - Khalil Rahal
  • 2018 - Rochelle Freeman
  • 2018 - Therese Thill
  • 2017 - Justin Horvath
  • 2016 - Art Papapanos
  • 2015 - Tim Robinson
  • 2014 - Amy Clickner
  • 2013 - Randy Thelen
  • 2012 - Doug Rothwell
  • 2011 - Robert Trezise, Jr.
  • 2010 - Steve Jonas
  • 2009 - Sharon Tyler
  • 2008 - James C. Hettinger
  • 2007 - James F. Hendricks
  • 2006 - George W. Jackson, Jr.
  • 2005 - Kathleen Blake
  • 2004 - Lennox Sheppard
  • 2003 - Susan Lackey
  • 2002 - Robert Terry
  • 2001 - JoAnn Crary
  • 2000 - Thomas Johnson
  • 1999 - James L. Donaldson
  • 1998 - Michael R. Marcellino
  • 1997 - Patricia Crawford-Lucas
  • 1996 - Debra Davino Patzer
  • 1995 - Edward Grobe
  • 1994 - Donald Schurr
  • 1993 - Elaine Tycocki
  • 1992 - Greg Woodbury
  • 1991 - Robert A. Sieghart
  • 1990 - John Lindale
  • 1989 - Birgit Klohs
  • 1988 - John Currie
  • 1987 - Michael S. Ammann
  • 1986 - Richard H. Beagle
  • 1985 - Lee Utke – 1st Winner                
  • 2021 - Christine Roeder
  • 2020 - Scott Fleming
  • 2019 - Amy Clickner
  • 2018 - Kurt Brauer 
  • 2017 - Steve Willobee
  • 2016 - Jonathan Klooster
  • 2014 - Clarinda Barnett-Harrison
  • 2014 - Stephanie Carroll
  • 2013 - Perrin Emanuel
  • 2013 - Ara Topouzian
  • 2012 - Maureen Donohue Krauss
  • 2011 - Mark Morante
  • 2010 - John Avery
  • 2009 - Peggy J. Black
  • 2008 - Rex LaMore
  • 2007 - Susan A. Lackey
  • 2006 - Linda Hirvonen
  • 2005 - David Schreiber
  • 2004 - Barry Visel
  • 2003 - Susan M.C. Pigg
  • 2002 - Michael J. Montgomery
  • 2001 - Warren Cook
  • 2000 - Raymond Vlasin
  • 1999 - John Hanieski
  • 1998 - Michael Ammann
  • 1996 - William Cotton
  • 1995 - Jeffrey Stuit
  • 1994 - Donald Schurr
  • 1993 - William Lontz
  • 1992 - Ed Grobe
  • 1991 - Downs Herold
  • 1989 - Mike Conboy – 1st Winner                
  • 2021 - Kati Mora
  • 2020 - Bruce Seymore
  • 2019 - Justin Horvath
  • 2018 - Rochelle Freeman
  • 2017 - Doug Brown
  • 2016 - Ara Topouzian                     

Emerging Star Award

  • 2021 - Keyra Cokley
  • 2020 - Jake Eckholm

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